Customs Brokers should NOT WORRY about KYC | Mr. Samir J. Shah

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Samir J. Shah
  • Duration 
      12 Mins 29 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this Video, Mr Samir J. Shah, Director and Chief mentor of the JBS Academy Private Limited, come up with a very relevant topic for the Customs Broker.

Mr Shah, start with KYC for Custom Brokers, in the recent past, a lot has been said about KYC for Custom Brokers and, Customs Brokers across the country have a lot of fear against the KYC expectations out of them. The obligations in the Customs Broker licensing regulations are mandatory activities that a Customs Broker has to undertake. The KYC norms were introduced in the year 2010. So, it has already been around 11 years that the KYC has been around, the actual wordings of the KYC requirements as incorporated in the Customs Broker Licensing Regulations of 2013 have been amended in the year 2018.

Further Mr Shah, explain what is KYC, why any Customs Broker needs to do KYC, what the regulation says about KYC and, he also explains it simply. With so many examples he will explain the complete KYC process and Rules and Regulations related to it.

Watch the video till the end and remove the fear of the KYC from your mind. Don't worry about the KYC. Just understand the clause very carefully, confine yourself to the activity of the clause and be rest assured for good order sake.