What is Subrogation and Recoveries under Subrogation?

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    Mr. Saket Joshi
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*This Course is recommended for 12th pass or Equivalent.
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A few more words about this course

This course explains what is Subrogation and the Recoveries under Subrogation. Description of the various benefits to policyholders and waivers of subrogation is given. Various factors hinder the successful subrogation recoveries, these factors are mentioned here. This chapter describes about the recovery preclusion and other factors such as lack of communication, cost aspects and speeds, law of limitations, etc. are given. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is also described.

Mr. Saket Joshi

About Instructor
Mr. Saket Joshi has over 11 years of experience in International Supply Chain Management Field. Over the years, he has worked with various Logistics MNC’s and a renowned watch brand. He holds degree of M.B.A. (Supply Chain Management and Marketing) from ICFAI, Mumbai and B.B.A. (Marketing) from GGSIPU, Delhi.