What is Digital Currency? | Part-1 | Guide to International Business | Mr. Kishor Bhatt

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Kishor Bhatt
  • Duration 
    8 Mins 15 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Budget is a fascinating subject to understand if you are in the commercial field. Our finance minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman announced the budget for the year 2022 – 2023 on 1st February 2022. In, one exciting mention is taxation on Digital currency. If you are involved in international business or the Export-Import business, Digital currency is an important topic to understand.

JBS Academy Private Limited is the best academy for the logistics sector. JBS Academy come up with two videos to clear all your doubts related to digital currency. In this video, Mr Kishor Bhatt, an instructor at JBS Academy private limited, explains the basics of digital currency and all-around information about Digital currency.

Mr Bhatt starts with essential information money and continues with the first money format. How was it decided? How gradually, Money changes its physical appearance? Currently, what is the form of Money? What is cryptocurrency? What is a crypto wallet? What is Fiat Currency? And many more.

Watch the video till the end to understand Digital currency completely, which will help you to improve your international business. To keep yourself updated and enhance your business globally, keep watching our videos. Our videos have new amendments in Rules and Regulation of Customs, recent topics related to Logistics, Import Export business, Supply Chain Management, Freight forwarding, etc. many more.