What is Data? Export Import Business India | Ms. Ami Divatia

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  • Instructor
    Ms. Ami Divatia
  • Duration 
    6 Mins 46 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

JBS Academy come up with a very interesting and unique video series that is known and present your data.

If you are in any business this video series will help you how to handle your data.

This video is the first video of the video series and Ms Avani Divatia an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited and a research consultant will explain what is data and detailed information about the data. We are usually unclear about the meaning of the word “data”. To make it clear she will take one case study of “New Era Cap”. She will explain how Mr Mahajan the chief operating officer of the company will clear the customer dissatisfaction matter.

Mainly Ms Divatia will explain the meaning of data, the Importance of data and how the data should be. Watch the video till the to get complete information about the data. JBS Academy also came up with different topics related to the logistics sector. Such as how to do Export-Import, which document is required to do export-import, which good is exported from India and why, which goods are more imported, and many more related topics. To get more details about the international trade fair and international business, keep watching our videos.