What is Customs Clearance? | Mr. Samir J Shah

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Samir J Shah 
  • Duration 
    5 Mins 2 Sec
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A Licensed Custom Broker is an integral part of the process wherein they represent individuals who have cleared the CBLR Regulation-6 exam. The Custom House Agent is fully authorized to undertake Customs Clearance either by representing the company or by their own. Mr. Shah then goes on to explain the details of the procedures and paperwork necessary to complete the process. Once it is shown that the companies have met the rules and regulations specified by the DGFT, the customs on import cycle and export cycle gives an ‘Out of Customs charge’ and a ‘Let Export Order’ respectively. This marks the end of a customs clearance process. Mr. Shah has taken all efforts to cover all the necessary information about the details of what Customs Clearance is. Watch the video to have more insight on these terms and understand the concepts better.
In this video Mr. Samir J Shah, the Chief Mentor and Director of JBS Academy Private Limited, has given a comprehensive interpretation of what Customs Clearance actually is. Customs Clearance is a term of prime importance when it comes to the logistics sector. It comprises of two words, namely Customs and Clearance. While customs mean a barrier that has to be crossed by the cargo, the process of crossing this barrier is what is meant by clearance. This process is explained easily by Mr. Shah using an example of security checking at a shopping mall. The whole process of import and export of cargo from and to the country is looked over by the Ministry of Commerce which is the Director General of Foreign Trade.