What is an IEC Number and how to obtain IEC Number | Mr S. V. Modi

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  • Instructor
    Mr S. V. Modi
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    5 Mins 15 Sec
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When it comes to the Import and Export of Cargo through Indian Customs, it is mandatory for the Importer or the Exporter to have an IEC Number from the DGFT. The rules are specific to the kind of goods or services that are being Imported or Exported. A ten digit numerical code number will be assigned to them after applying for the same either online or offline. This makes the process of Customs Clearance much easier and quick. Mr. Modi has explained each and every aspect of the concept in great detail. Watch the video till the end so that you do not miss out on any important exceptions, benefits and so on about the topic.
In this video, Mr. S.V. Modi, Senior Faculty at JBS ACADEMY Private Limited has explained in depth about what an IEC Number is, and what are its further implications.