Understand Basics of Office Etiquettes | Ms. Alka Maheshwari

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  • Instructor
    Ms. Alka Maheshwari
  • Duration 
      6 Mins 57 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In the video, Ms. Alka Maheshwari, an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited talks at great length about office etiquettes. There are two most important places in a person’s life, the first is a home where a person can behave however, they want and live in their comfort zone and the second one is the workplace where we have to work with others and exercise proper discipline and keep in mind to not violate a certain number of rules and regulations decided by the organization, we work for are called office etiquettes.

There is a standard or universal way or set in stone etiquettes are there, it is a very flexible concept which varies from organization to organization depending on the work profile and working atmosphere. Moving further Ms. Maheshwari talks about why office etiquettes are Important? And then she started with some of the very basic etiquettes that a person should follow and keep in mind while working or undertaking activities at the workplace to keep the atmosphere of harmony.

The main reason why it is very important to follow office etiquettes is that it makes a person an acceptable individual, it helps in creating a harmonious environment in the workplace and it is also essential for growth. As well as both monetary and professional brings out the best in a person and lets people at the workplace witness that. Following these etiquettes will surely get you in the good graces of your seniors and clients and make a positive impression on them.