Types of vessels uses and names | Part-1 | Mr. Maulik Pathak

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Maulik Pathak
  • Duration 
    12 Mins 55 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

This video series is all about vessels types and the use of each vessel in the shipping industry. This video series has 3 parts and you are watching 1st part of the video series, so please subscribe to our channel to get updates about our upcoming videos. In this video,

Mr Maulik Pathak an Instructor at JBS Academy private limited come up with a very interesting video series that is about the types and uses of the vessel in shipping industries. Mr Pathak will start the video with a basic introduction about a vessel, types of vessels and their use and much more important information about the vessels.

Vessel categories are divided into 3 preliminary parts as
• Dry Cargo Ships
• Liquid Cargo Ships
• Specialized Cargo Ships

Each of the above is divided further into subcategories. In this video, we will understand the subcategories of the Dry Cargo ships.

04:00 Bulk Carriers
05:32 General Cargo Vessels
07:13 Container Vessels
08:32 Reefer Vessels
09:58 Ro-Ro Vessels

Watch the video till the end to understand the types of Dry Cargo Ships. To watch the videos related to the shipping industry, Freight Forwarding industries, Port Management, Customs Clearance, Supply Chain Management and many more topics related Logistics sector be connected with the JBS Academy YouTube channel.