Tips for Online Interview | Ms. Alka Maheshwari

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  • Instructor
    Ms. Alka Maheshwari
  • Duration 
      11 Mins 35 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, Alka Maheshweri Ma’am, Instructor at JBS Academy talks at great length about online Interview. Due to Covid-19 outbreak the whole world is facing unprecedented times where traditional day to day lifestyle and activities that it involves has become impossible. To overcome this, the world has adopted the use of internet.

Just like online education has initiated as an alternative of traditional schooling in recent times the recruitment process has also shifted online in the form of ONLINE INTERVIEW.

Online Interview has its own pros and cons as discussed in the video by Alka Maheshweri Ma’am. First and foremost, advantage of online interview is that it gives the interviewee the advantage of giving the interview in his own comfortable place and it also saves the enterprise’s money to make the necessary arrangements for the interview.

There are various ways in which virtual interview can be conducted so it is important to ask forehand how the interview is to be conducted and on which platform and if there is any technical glitch in during the video which department to contact and can the interview be redone. It is also helpful to do a test run or mock interview with a friend or relative so you can get the gist of it if you have never given a virtual interview before.

Selecting a spot with proper light setting is must. whether the interview is traditional or virtual it is always advisable to dress formally and to sit in an engaging body language, to always maintain eye contact to show your confidence and to make that first lasting impression.