Time limit to clear goods through Indian Customs | Customs Clearance

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    Mr. Samir J Shah
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    2 Mins 4 Sec
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Mr. Shah has explained and summarized the time limit to clear goods through the Indian Customs. Watch the video till the end to get a complete idea of the concept.
In this video, Mr. Samir J Shah, the Chief Mentor and Director of JBS Academy Private Limited has given a brief understanding of the time limit within which the goods have to be cleared through Indian Customs. According to the Indian Customs Act, there is no specific law that says that the imported goods have to be cleared within a specific time. But a bill of entry has to be filed within 24 hours of the arrival of goods. The steps taken when the clearing of goods has not been done within the first 30 days though are the auctioning of goods by its Custodian. Payment of duty at the date of assessment must also be done by the Importer. The Cargo could be re-exported if the Indian Customs law permits it.