The Unlimited Power of your Thoughts | Hindi | Mr. Hitendra Soneji

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Hitendra Soneji
  • Duration 
    10 Mins 17 Sec
  • Languages

A few more words about this Video

In this Video, Mr Hitendra Soneji, an instructor at JBS Academy private limited, brings a unique topic, “Power of Thoughts”. Your thought process has power, and Mr Hitendra Soneji explains how you can use it to make your life better.

Mr Soneji Starts with how our thought process has powers, how it works, what the thought process does to us, how it helps us become successful people.

If you think about this question will get the answer that we are always worried about our future never think positively about our future that’s why all the trouble is with our life. Moving further, Mr Soneji compares our thinking with the pendulum. How will it affect our lifecycle? How can we control it? He will explain how the thought process phenomenon works.

So get an answer to all the questions related to your thought process, watch the video till the end and be a successful human being.