Temptation the root cause of unhappiness | Short story 2 | Mr. Hitendra Soneji

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Hitendra Soneji
  • Duration 
    5 Mins 21 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this Video, Mr Hitendra Soneji, an Instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited, presents a fantastic motivational story.

Mr Soneji starts a story, “A beggar would chant God's name all day. One day, God manifested before the beggar and asked him to name his wish. The beggar wished for gold coins. God asked him, "Where would you collect them in?" The beggar put forward his sack. Before pouring gold coins into the bag, God said, "I will give you gold coins till you say 'enough', but on one condition. The gold coins should not fall to the ground. If they do, they will turn into dust". The beggar accepted the condition”.

What happened when God showed gold coins into the beggar's sack? What is the moral of the story? How to develop the attitude of contentment? To get the answer to all the questions, watch the video till the end.