Soft Skills needed now and in future- for college student & youth

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  • Instructor
    Ms. Alka Maheshwari
  • Duration 
    59 Mins 11 Sec
  • Languages

A few more words about this Video

Soft skills are increasing in demand every day. It can range from good communication skills to cognitive skills to a good understanding of the relevant fields that are in need today. It can also mean leaning a new language or learning anything that adds to the growth of your career in a specialized field. It helps create competitive advantage and growth. Ms. Maheshwari makes us understand why it is important to acquire the soft kills and how it improves our chances of landing the dream jobs. Watch the video till the end to understand what are the relevant soft skills and why it is so important in today’s scenario.
In this video, Ms. Alka Maheshwari, an experienced soft skills and English language trainer helps us get an overview and understanding on the importance of soft skills for the present as well as the future.