Simplicity of SCM - all nuances simply explained - Part - 6 | Mr. Ajay Saraswat

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Ajay Saraswat
  • Duration 
      5 Mins 39 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, Mr. Ajay Saraswat, an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited talks at great length about the value of logistics after explaining us about 4 major milestones of the logistics in his previous videos. Value of logistics holds value proposition. If perfect logistics is embedded with the competence, you will easily be able to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations as all of logistics work revolves around customers and what they expect from us. It's always a challenge to meet service level expectations in an affordable budget as they are two inversely proportional elements. Logistics is a function related with business excellence that allows us to bridge those gaps with ease and give customer satisfaction. There is also technology at our disposal we need to integrate technology in every process to make it more efficient and deliver optimal value creation for your customers.

The function of logistics has multidimensional impacts and we need to focus wherever we desire to direct these effects without creating any chaos. Logistics is a source of competitive advantage; this is a challenge for every organization to how to integrate this function that will lead them through business excellence. A well-designed logistics and supply chain frame work supports the strategic function of organization and many more.