Simplicity of SCM - all nuances simply explained - Part - 5 | Mr. Ajay Saraswat

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Ajay Saraswat
  • Duration 
      5 Mins 37 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, Mr. Ajay Saraswat, an instructor at JBS Academy do the detailed discussion on what he identifies as Milestone-4 in logistics which took place around 2015. A rapid change in technologies was observed. As far as the global economy is considered it has become dynamic due to the factors within their control and those beyond. He moves further with so many time phases and at the recent one the Covid 19 phase which taught us what is essential and what is not and brought “new normal” to light weather it is professional domains, educational or any other domain. COVID-19 also made people aware that without resilience we cannot move forward as far as logistics and supply chain is concerned The World also witnessed USA-China trade war.

Mr. Saraswat explains how all these phases gave the top-notch to the industry of logistics which Is marked as 4th Milestone of logistics journey from “evolution” to “revolution”. He will explain what is the importance of the logistics according to the council of logistics management. The whole point is to meet and exceed the customers requirement. Concept from evolution and revolution is another dimension getting attached to this great function of logistics.