Immunity from Prosecution Settlement Commission in Customs | Mr. Viren C. Dayal

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Viren C. Dayal
  • Duration 
      08 Mins 38 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this Video, Mr Viren C. Dayal is an Instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited, came up with an attractive topic - Settlement Commission.

Settlement Commission is one of the dispute resolution schemes of the Indian Customs. So, in the administration of fiscal laws, the primary duty of the government is to collect revenue and, there should be room for settlement. So, when we have a settlement of cases under the Customs Act, it saves a lot of resources for the investigating agencies. At the same time, air int tax defaulters get a chance to come clean and, therefore the settlement commission was enacted in 1999.

Moving further, Mr Dayal will explain how any Importer or Exporter can approach the Settlement commission before adjudication of the case, when to approach, which type to care to be taken by Importer – Exporter, many more things.

Watch the video till the end to understand the complete information about the Settlement Commission.