Product को Amazon के लिए बेहतर बनाये | Mr. Limbesh Aal

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Limbesh Aal
  • Duration 
    15 Mins 48 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Further exploring the world of E-commerce in this series, let’s move towards one of the best E- commerce platform i.e. Amazon, where you can showcase your product for sale. Let’s now understand ‘How to frame Amazon product page and how to optimize it’ when one opts to sell product on Amazon.

In this video, Mr Limbesh Aal, instructor, JBS Academy Private Limited and Amazon trained E-commerce specialist will guide on how amazon product page should look like and how one can optimise it as it’s the product page that can play a major role in purchase decision of a customer. He highlights the importance of one’s product being displayed amongst first two pages or 1-100 results of search of a product by customer. He explains the various elements of product page like title, pictures of product, price, ratings, reviews, bullet points stating features & benefits, brand content and much more. The success of business depends on sales which depends on demand where product page comes to help. To create and optimise product page to get better conversion in form of customer orders, kindly watch the video.

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