Policy and Guidelines for setting up of ICDs, CFSs and AFSs (Part -2)

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Samir J Shah
  • Duration 
    20 Mins 16 Sec
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The new policy further addresses the identified regulatory and Logistics concerns associated with the hard and soft infrastructure of ICDs/CFSs/AFSs in India. It establishes a framework of functional requirements pertaining to the design and operation of dry ports, as well as establish certain processes to enable sustainable growth of the sector.
Mr. Samir Shah has dealt with these concepts in great detail and has aimed to ensure a clear and concise understanding. Watch the video till the end so that you have a comprehensive and all-round understanding of these new guidelines
In this video Mr. Samir J Shah, the Chief Mentor and Director of JBS Academy Private Limited has given a comprehensive interpretation of Policy and Guidelines for setting up of ICDs, CFSs, and AFSs (Part -2). The CBIC has divided the country into 3 zones – green zone, blue zone and the red zone. These areas and their functions have been explained in great detail. The underlying aim for this as explained by Mr. Samir Shah is to ensure that these facilities are taken away from the cities and brought closer to the industrial areas which function as the primary source of consumption and dispatch of Import and Export cargos. The new policy takes into account the present capacity, future growth potential, and regional imbalances and also addresses the need for bringing uniformity, transparency, and a seamless approval process.