Organic Products Great Export Opportunities | Export Import Business India | Mr. Kunal Dugar

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Kunal Dugar
  • Duration 
    9 Mins 24 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Organic products have a huge demand in the world and thereby India has a great Export opportunity as India grows a lot of organic products. In this video, Mr. Kunal Dugar, Instructor, JBS Academy Private Limited, explains us about how to exploit this opportunity and make money while keeping the world healthy i.e. How to export organic products. The world in view of better immunity and better health has moved towards organic food products.

In this video, you can learn about what are organic food products, the world demand for organic food, the growth in demand of organic food and why demand of organic food has gone so high.

Further Mr. Kunal Dugar guides us about the production of organic food in India - total area under organic certification process, states in India leading in producing organic food products and how much and type of product is produced in these lands. For your farm and farm produce you need organic certification – you can learn about from where you can get these organic certifications for your farm and your produce (link available below).

Apart from certification, one even needs certain document to Export organic food products, you can learn about the documents needed inorder to Export the organic food from India to other countries.