MRP Based Duty | Mr. S.V Modi

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    Mr. S.V Modi
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    3 Mins 0 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

The imported and exported goods have a certain amount of duty associated with it. This has to be paid by the Importer and the Exporter to the Indian Customs for a hassle-free Customs Clearance procedure. This duty can be calculated based on the MRP value of the Cargo. This valuation is what is discussed by Mr. Modi in the video. He goes on to explain the various expenses such as the mount of excise duty, sales tax and so on that are considered for the determination of the same. Watch the video till the end so that you have a clear idea on how MRP based duty is calculated and levied.
In this video, Mr. S.V. Modi, Senior Faculty at JBS Academy Private Limited explains to us what the MRP Based Duty actually means.