Logistics and Professional Logistics Skills | Export Import Business | Mr.Pabitra Ranjan Chakravorty

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  • Instructor
    Mr.Pabitra Ranjan Chakravorty
  • Duration 
    7 Mins 38 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Logistics sector plays a very important role in our today’s lifestyle. From morning till night, we use number of products that are made available to us at arm’s length through various distribution centres, a part of logistics sector. In this video, Mr. Pabitra Ranjan Chakravorty, Instructor, JBS Academy Private Limited explains in detail the logistic sector and the professional logistics skills needed. He guides about the logistics sector and its growth.

He talks about the importance of having a right mix of labour who are supposed to be there in various domains of logistics and importance of capable and competent resource persons to create a learning culture and raise bar of enterprise. He guides on the various competence and skills needed in logistics sector and its importance. He explains the various aspects looked in the candidature like communication skill, emotional quotient, digital quotient, relationship management skills, etc. To learn in detail on logistics sector and the professional logistics skills, do watch this video.