Live tutorial | Use HS code to find Real Buyers | Export Import Business India - Mr. Kunal Dugar

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Kunal Dugar
  • Duration 
    12 Mins
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A few more words about this Video

Suppose you plan to become a good importer or exporter. In that case, you are in this export-import business and want to upgrade yourself, this video is for you to understand in detail about HS code, and it will provide you with simple tips and tricks to do it quickly and effectively.

There is always a word HS code when you export or import any goods. In this video, Mr Kunal Dugar, an Instructor and JBS Academy private limited and International Trade Experts will explain the HS Code? What are the benefits of the HS Code? And some tricks and tips to expand your import-export business internationally with the help of HS Code. He will explain the HS code with a simple example and make it very simple and easy for you.

Mr Dugar will take you to this website and explain how you can find your Proper HS code for your International Trade and give you some tricks and tips to make it easy for you.

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