Introduction to Financial Derivatives

Swaps, Futures, Forwards, Options etc.

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  • Duration in Hrs
    1 hour
  • Author
    Mr. Kishor Bhatt
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  • ISBN
    25 Exam
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A few more words about this Audio Book

Whenever there is a high profit business present there is also a chance for similar amount of risk. This is where the importance of Risk Management comes to play. Financial Derivatives is one of the most efficient tools for risk management and can be extremely useful for people involved in International Trade. This book covers all the important topics starting from the basics of Financial Derivatives. The student gets to know of the basics of International Business, Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance as well. It is especially useful for the prestigious exams such as the CBLR, Customs Broker exams and CHA exams. 

Mr. Kishor Bhatt

About Author
A retired Bank Executive from Bank of Baroda with a sound experience of more than 53 years. He is a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, London, and at present working as a consultant in International Business, organizing training programmes in International Business for the bankers, customers, students, giving lectures in International Business, conducts training programmes for C.A.; L.L.B., examinations and has organized Foreign Exchange Bourse programs.