International Trade Fair શું છે ? Export Import Business India | Dr. Avani Agrawal

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  • Instructor
    Dr. Avani Agrawal
  • Duration 
    7 Mins 24 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Are you someone who is looking for the best exhibition or international exhibition for your business? Are you an exporter or importer confused about whether you should visit or exhibit an international trade show? So, this video series is definitely for you or those people who are looking for the types of exhibitions and knowledge about the exhibition.

In this video series, Dr. Avani Agrawal, an instructor at JBS Academy private limited, talk about A to Z, everything about international trade fare, whether you should participate in the exhibition or not, and various options you should explore. JBS Academy going to start an interesting video series on international trade fairs.

Today's video is all about the basics of international trade fairs. So, in this video, Ms Agrawal starts with the basic meaning or definition of international trade fairs. Then second, she will talk about types of various international trade fairs. And she will also talk about the difference between regional national and international trade fairs.

Next, she will talk about various challenges and opportunities for someone looking to participate in international trade fairs. Next, she will talk about who should go for the exhibition and what could benefit from participating in an exhibition for an importer and exporter.

Watch the video till the end to get complete information about the international trade fair. Be connected with our YouTube channel to get more information about the international trade fair with an upcoming video of the series. And also, many more topics related to international trade, Customs clearance, Freight forwarding, and supply chain management will help you expand your import-export business successfully.