Grow Model in Leadership and Management | Mr. Hitendra Soneji

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Hitendra Soneji
  • Duration 
      05 Mins 23 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, Mr. Hitendra Soneji, an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited talks at great length about GROW Model in Leadership and Management.

Mr. Soneji initiates with the first step towards what grow model in leadership and management is, GROW is just one of many coaching and mentoring models which can be incorporated in leadership and managerial practices across a variety of industries. The GROW model is probably the widest goal setting and problem-solving model in the world. Which provides a simple and methodical yet powerful framework of four main stages of coaching session with the team members.

Acronym GROW stands for G-goal, R-reality, O-opportunity and lastly W-will which correspond to main stages of mentoring that team members require and as a leader it is one of the most important roles is to coach the subordinates to do their best and GROW model exactly aides you to do that by helping them make better decisions and solve problems that are hindering their growth, learn new skills and progress their career. GROW model basically is a good way to think about how would you plan a journey and its necessary steps.

Lastly, Mr. Soneji describes the two most important skills for a leader to be a coach are the ability to ask good questions and the ability to listen effectively without interrupting the speaker. It is essential to be prepared with the list of questions for each stage of GROW process and let your team grow with you and see how this GROW model will be able to help you to give better productivity, better performance and better results. Watch the video till the end so that you have a comprehensive and all-round understanding of the topic at hand.