International Trade | Freight Calculation (Air & Sea) | Mr. Pinakin Pandy

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Pinakin Pandy
  • Duration 
      05 Mins 48 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, Mr Pinakin Pandya, an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited, came up with a tricky topic. Industry of Freight Forwarding is working either on per cubic basis or Unit basis or Per Kg basis.

Mr Pandya starts with the Airfreight Calculation that if you want to transfer your cargo through Airlines will charge you on the gross weight of the package or volumetric weight of the consignment. With an excellent example, he will explain a calculation of Airfreight and other charges to be added. And what type of care to be taken when you are providing the consignment.

Moving further, Mr Pandya will explain Sea freight calculation. In Sea transportation, there are two types of container Load. Full Container Load and Less than Container Load. If you have less amount to transfer, you need to go for Less than the container Load. The shipping line will calculate the charges likewise in Airlines. One difference in shipping line will charge you on a cubic meter basis. With an excellent example, he will explain the calculation Sea freight and what other charges will be added. What kind of care do you need to take. This calculation works only for Less than container load. For Full load containers, the structure of the payment is different.

To understand a calculation of Airfreight and Sea freight, watch the video till the last minute.