Export-Import मैं Cargo - Insurance क्यू लेना चाहिये ? | Mr. Kunal Dugar

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Kunal Dugar
  • Duration 
    11 Mins 40 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Whenever we talk of movement of goods across the globe, there is always certain amount of risk involved in transporting goods from one location to another and to mitigate this risk to some extent, cargo insurance comes to help.

In this video, Mr. Kunal Dugar, Instructor, JBS Academy Private Limited, explains in detail the topic of ‘Cargo Insurance’. He guides us about the concept of cargo insurance, should one take cargo insurance, what are the things which are covered and not covered in cargo insurance, what would be an expected cost of it and how taking cargo insurance gives you a peace of mind.

Mr. Kunal Dugar, first of all, guides about the concept of cargo insurance and benefit of taking cargo insurance. One can further learn about the what things are covered in cargo insurance and on other hand what are things not covered in cargo insurance or in other words the cases wherein the insurance company may deny compensation. Further we can find the answer to question many of us have i.e. is cargo insurance compulsory? Lastly, an important concern i.e. the cost of cargo insurance is discussed, he guides about the various factors that determine the premium charged by cargo insurance company. To learn in detail about cargo insurance and related aspects, do watch the video.