Examination and Inspection of Goods in Customs Clearance | Samir J Shah | JBS Academy

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    Mr. Samir J Shah
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    2 Mins 0 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Whenever it comes to the Import and Export of Cargo, there is Customs Clearance involved. There is an Examination of all the Goods wherein the processing of Cargo is known as Examination. Customs officers are responsible for the process. There are also different types of Examinations such as seal check, marks and numbers check, and so on. All of these are explained by Mr. Shah in the video. Do watch the video till the end to have a complete idea on the topic of the Examination and Inspection of goods.
In this video, Mr. Samir J. Shah, the Chief Mentor and Director of JBS Academy Private Limited, has given us a brief understanding of the terms Examination and Inspection of Goods.