Import Custom Clearance | Documentation | Mr. Pinakin Pandya

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Pinakin Pandya
  • Duration 
      03 Mins 49 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, Mr Pinakin Pandya, an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited, came with an encouraging and mandatory topic document required for Customs Clearance - Import. To do any, business some documents are necessary to work smoothly.

Mr Pandya starts with if you want to do Import Customs Clearance, some documents are mandatory to do the same. The following documents are required to do Import – Customs clearance,
1. IEC - Importer – Exporter code Number
2. GST Registration Copy
3. Import Invoice – original
4. Packing list Copy
5. Performa Invoice Copy/Purchase Order Copy
6. Payment Remittance Proof
7. Technical write up of your Commodity
8. Authority Letter
9. GATT Declaration
10. Delivery Instruction
11. Air Line/Shipping Line Delivery Order
12. Bank’s Release order (in case Goods Consigned to bank)
13. Forwarder’s DO if there is HBL/HAWB
14. Supplier’s Price list (if required)
15. Stamped and signed copy of B/L by the Consignee on the riverside of the B/L
16. Industry Specific document (If required)
17. Certificate of Origin
18. Commodity and Country specific documents for any benefit to be availed

Moving Further, Mr Pandya will explain the requirement of all the documents mentioned above for the Import – Customs Clearance. The process to get all the registration, care you need to take while collecting the documents, and many details which simple but a person need to keep in mind while doing Import – Customs Clearance.

Watch the video till the end to understand the document required for the Import – Customs Clearance process.