Digital Marketing for Exporters Importance of Website | Export Import Business | Dr. Avani Agrawal

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  • Instructor
    Dr. Avani Agrawal
  • Duration 
    8 Mins 13 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

Welcome to the video on E-presence in series - ‘Digital Marketing in International Business’ by JBS Academy. In our previous video on ‘Introduction to Digital Marketing and how it can be beneficial to Exporters’ we learnt about the basic concept of Digital Marketing and its benefits to exporters. In today’s video, we will learn about another important aspect i.e. ‘Importance of Website – E-presence’. E-Presence plays a very important role, when we talk about Export Import business.

In this video, Dr. Avani Agrawal, Instructor, JBS Academy Private Limited, explains in detail about Website – its importance, how to prepare website and examples of types of website one should or should not have. ‘Well drafted website creates good impression’, she explains in detail the importance of website with regards to the impression it creates on the viewer. She further guides about what type of website one should have or one should not have using various examples.

At end, she guides on the question one has with regards to the budget one should invest in creating website. To learn in detail about the E-presence or Website, do watch the video. To further learn on other topics in Digital Marketing, keep watching……