Convert your dreams into Reality |  Mr. Hitendra Soneji

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Hitendra Soneji
  • Duration 
      4 Mins 46 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this video, HItendra Soneji sir, Instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited, talks at great lengths about how to take necessary steps to make your dreams convert into reality. We all have dreams but to turn those dreams into reality it takes awful lot of determination, hardwork, vision and self-discipline.

Mr. Soneji emphasises on identifying our ultimate purpose in life and to visualise what the end goal would be like and to make practical measures to reach the determined end goal from where you are now and make constant efforts for it as it is said “Effort is sugar and spice to everything nice”.

Just like any journey that includes hardships in the journey to make your dreams a reality too there will be obstacles which we must overcome to reach our end goal, it is necessary to evaluate the possible obstacles that you might encounter in your journey and take measures to overcome it, reward yourself for overcoming those obstacles every once in a while, make timely goals and you will be able convert your dreams into reality.