Communication Skills | संचार कौशलता | Mr. Hitendra Sonej

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Hitendra Soneji
  • Duration 
    7 Mins 27 Sec
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A few more words about this E Book

Communication skills are the need of the hour and is a basic criterion for selection in Corporate Job Roles. Communication is not about how we talk but about how we express ideas and feeling and make other understand about the same. Communication gaps can lead to confusions and ambiguous situations in the workplace. It may also lead misunderstandings and assumptions which eventually lead to disputes among colleagues. But this situation can be made clear by following basic rules while communicating: take feedback after the conversation (i.e., confirm your communication) and ‘listen’ what other person has to say (acknowledge by repeating the key words). Effective communication is a skill which can help you develop as a better individual as a professional and an individual as well. Checkout this Video by Mr. Hitendra Soneji to learn more about Communication Skills.
Mr. Hitendra Soneji is a Corporate Trainer with 10 years of experience and has trained over 40,000 people. He caries experience of 30 years in marketing and sales. He is the Founder CEO, Motivational Speaker and is associated with as many as 250 corporate companies at present. In this video, Mr Soneji has discussed about Communication Skills: what are they and why are they important.