चलो, तैयार होते हैं! International Trade fair मे भाग लेने के लिए | Export Import | Dr. Avani Agrawal

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  • Instructor
    Dr. Avani Agrawal
  • Duration 
    6 Mins 36 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

So, after watching the first video of the series, you might be wondering whether you should visit or exhibit international trade fair. You might be confused about which one is right for you? You might not be aware that maybe you don't know what the exact budget for your international trade Fair could be.

If all the above questions are your questions, Dr. Avani Agrawal is with you with another video of the series for getting ready to participate in international trade fairs.

In this video Dr. Avani Agrawal, an instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited will talk about various parts of getting ready to participate in international trade fairs. First, she will speak about whether you should visit or exhibit. Second, you are always confused that with which one is right for you, which exhibition you should take participation or not.

What type of data should you collect? You are not aware that the different factors affect the selection of the right trade fairs. How much budget should you put in to participate in international trade fairs, whether you should go for region-specific trade fairs or not? And finally, we will be zeroing down to one international trade fair where you should explore your business. In my next video, we will talk about all pre activities or pre-trade fair activities that you all should do. So please stay connected to our YouTube channel to see the next video in the international trade fairs video series.

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