Bank Ad Code "क्यों ज़रूरी" | Export Import Business India | Mr. Kunal Dugar

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Kunal Dugar
  • Duration 
    4 Mins 04 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

If you are doing an Import export business or going to start a new Import-export business, AD code is compulsory for any Export-Import business. Mr Kunal Dugar, an Instructor at JBS Academy Private Limited and an International Trade Expert will explain this interesting topic in detail.

In this video, Mr Kunal Dugar will explain what is AD Code? from where you can take it and why it is so compulsory for Export-Import Business. Mr Dugar starts with the full form of the AD Code is the “Authorised Dealer Code”. RBI provides this code to the banks which means that the bank has authority to do international transactions. So, whenever you go to open an account at any bank, please check that bank is having AD cod to make your International Business easy.

Watch the video to understand when AD code is required in your export-import business and what other things you need to keep in your mind while doing import-export business.

JBS Academy is coming up with this kind of interesting topic on international business, an important document used in An Import-export business, code or registration required to start an import-export business. JBS Academy is also running courses online, classroom and self-paced on these topics to get a better idea to become a successful importer or exporter.