अपने Amazon पे external traffic कैसे लाएंगे ? Mr. Limbesh Aal

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  • Instructor
    Mr. Limbesh Aal
  • Duration 
    3 Mins 56 Sec
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A few more words about this Video

In this series on E-commerce, we have explored many areas of E-commerce like its need, opportunities, requirements etc. and also the widely used E-commerce platform – amazon in terms of branded or generic product, product page, brand store, now let’s move further to learn something more about this E-commerce platform i.e. ‘How to bring external traffic on your amazon page’ (Apne amazon pe external traffic kaise layenge).

In this video, Mr Limbesh Aal, instructor, JBS Academy Private Limited and Amazon trained E-commerce specialist will guide on how to bring external traffic to your amazon page. He guides on meaning of external traffic, various marketing modes that can help to bring external traffic and its importance. He even guides on how one’s product page is equally important while bringing in external traffic. So, if you want to get more viewers/customers to visit your product page or you want to improve your product page or brand ranking, do watch this video.

To further explore the world of E-commerce….. Keep watching…….